Dive Schedule

Hours of Operation:

Saturday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm EDT (GMT-04:00) To help us arrange for your pick up from the hotel/cruise terminal, bookings for dives should be made preferably the day before the dive trip. Our Telephone is answered after hours, 7 days a week!

Dive Times & Depths We have two dive boats available to take out both shallow and deep dive groups in the morning.

10:00 AM — Deep 2 Tank Dive 1st dive – Reef or Wreck Dive between 60ft and 80ft 2nd dive – Reef or Wreck Dive between 30ft and 60ft

12:00 PM — 1 Tank Dive Reef or Wreck Dive between 30ft and 60ft.

10:00 AM — Discover SCUBA (Resort Class) Beginners & Refreshers – Starts with orientation, confined water training and a shallow dive at 12:00PM.

2:00 PM — Wreck Dive Beginner Level – Wreck dive between 10ft and 50ft. (Snorkeling can be done on this trip)

The Dive Shop Ltd.

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